Signal Boost

(Short blog content, posted as part of a daily posting streak I have openly committed to; standard disclaimers apply)

For the interested, I wrote a post summarizing issues in copyright and patent law on a new blog for a school club. Actually, if you’re reading this post, you’re probably already interested enough / bored enough to read that post, so go read it. I think the videos are worth watching despite their length, but I tried to summarize the key points in text, so decide how much to read or watch depending on how much spare time you have.

I don’t know if that blog will work out, but anyway WordPress tells me I have 8500% more followers on this blog than the other one, even though I have doubts about how many of those followers actually read anything I post at all, so I thought I should link to that post here. Also, by publicizing the blog, I get to shame my friends and fellow club members into posting so that it doesn’t look so empty. Social media expertise, you know?

If I had any sense of foresight, I’d have ordered a bunch of EFF or Creative Commons pins or stickers or something to sell, to actually leave people with an impression, and also leave myself with something cool to stick on my next laptop. But I don’t and I didn’t. Oh well.


Maybe I should try to prepare for things it is actually early enough to prepare for now. Like the Calculus II and Linear Algebra exams I will probably be taking in one and a half months. Or the next five weeks of daily blog posts.

(Wow I just realized that is a lot of blog posts.)

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