A Commitment

Obligatory life update: I have graduated [from] high school.

But that’s not what this post is about. I contemplated setting up a schedule for my blogging three long years ago, and decided against it, because I didn’t think writing was a high enough priority for me. Well, I am setting up a schedule now: I am going to post something on this blog every day until I have to leave the country (which is happening once before college, so it’s not for as long as you think; but I might decide to continue the schedule anyway after I get back. We’ll see when the time comes.)

This has nothing to do with writing; it has everything to do with following through by actually posting the stuff I write. As of the last time I attempted to summarize my blogging status, I had 12 blog post drafts. By looking at chat logs I think it was February 7. As of starting this post, I now have, I don’t know, somewhere between 13 and 30, I lost count. I am very good at getting inspired and writing a lot of incoherent jumbles of words, and very bad at coming back the next day (or week, or month, or year) and polishing the word jumble enough to feel like I should post it. This is not a sustainable way of blogging. And since high school is over I can no longer claim that homework or other commitments are getting in the way.

Standard disclaimers: Expect low-quality stuff that is incomplete or not well thought out, and stuff entirely unlike anything previously on this blog, and one-paragraph or even one-sentence posts if I get desperate. But expect posts. And nag me (or better yet, provide post ideas (that can be explored in a single sentence)) through any communication channels you want if it’s nearing midnight in my time zone and I haven’t posted in the previous day.

This is the first day’s post.

(note: the commenting setup here is experimental and I may not check my comments often; if you want to tell me something instead of the world, email me!)