A List


≥1 of you should know what is being referred to.

  • Oh yeah, I love being first. Of course the approximate price is that I have to expose the world to the innocent naïveté of my fourth-grade self. So far nobody mean has ventured there yet, but who knows.
  • Darn, two years. Darn, Cards Against Humanity. I need more of that in my life. I don’t know what else is happening but music is good.
  • Wait, that’s the old link. I didn’t even know.
  • Darn, one year. My old theme. The introspective force is strong with this one. Darn, are you me?
  • Darn.
  • Yup, we’ve been here before. Diversification is interesting. How does one do all this?
  • Ditto. I understand some of these words. Although curiously, there is more than one prominent typo…
  • 12, I guess?
  • Images in posts are the best. Maybe I could blog about that issue although goodness knows I’ve already tweeted enough about it. Also IMO 2009.6.
  • Darn, two years. Ish. Darn, I didn’t make that choice but are you me?
  • Darn, two years.
  • Darn. | This is also an old link and I also didn’t know.
  • Hi.
  • I hope this is me in one year. The good parts, anyway. Join the poor singers’ club.
  • Oh, one of those posts. It’s usually a bad sign when they’re the most recent, which is corroborated by the three-year interval. Yes, there is always a relevant xkcd.

    Wow, I searched this up and didn’t expect anything, but “There’s Always a Relevant xkcd” is a thing and it gave me #285 and it actually kind of works!

    Wikipedian Protester
  • I don’t actually know what’s going on here. Darn, no about page. Footnotes are good and single-sentence posts are good too. I need to do one of those some day.
  • Good stuff. Fresh breath of air. Well, I’m not surprised challenging oneself to blog daily is a thing elsewhere in the world, although I do feel pretty outdone. There are things I could blog about here.
  • Darn, one year. Darn, those feels.

Wait what?

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