Drop-In Filler


I’ll probably be making filler posts for a while until I make decent progress on linear algebra and programming work, including another presentation.

Let’s listen to some more music.

This is a Deemo song and even though there are a lot of things I could snark about in the grammar, scansion, and execution of the video (less flashy lyric video here), I kind of want to forgive all that for the (really really dark) poetic image. I think it’s deliberately masked by the upbeat melody like The A Team. (If you read my TIL log, you know this already. Sorry. (I’m apologizing for my posts a lot lately. Darn.))

Anyway, there just happens to be renewed life relevance: In guitar class, I am trying to learn how to guess or make up chords to songs, and I decided this would be a nice target because it’s obscure enough that there don’t seem to be any good chords on the internet while normal enough that I can stand a chance of getting the chords right (as opposed to, say, White Coats (hi JP) (but although there weren’t any when I checked a long time ago, now there are chords on ultimate-guitar.com since early this year, and they seem OK, so, never mind?)). Now I am mostly just debating what chords go under “final destination”.

Another day, another post / ending with a pointless note / It’s not complicated

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