Note: My 2008 self wrote this. It is selectively preserved for historical interest and amusement from a lot of similar, chronologically nearby posts. That’s all.

Hooray! Something I ate today cured my cold! Well, they assuaged it for today at least. Perhaps by dinner I’ll be coughing like a donkey with terminal asthma again.

Okay, enough with horrible similes. Luckily or not, in P.E. class we didn’t do the lethal 100m dash timing. Instead we practiced jumping. Hooray! It’s not as exerting.

Lunch was not bad today.

Cereal for breakfast and afternoon snack.

Today morning I almost hoped that my cold was strong enough to not go to school. Anyways, after a small pink pill I went off in the motorcycle with my sister and my dad. Yay! I’m all fixed and my club thrived!

This ending (expletive)s like (expletive) (expletive) (expletive).

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