Sicknesses and Sundays

Note: My 2008 self wrote this. It is selectively preserved for historical interest and amusement from a lot of similar, chronologically nearby posts. That’s all.

Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is when I go back to school. *sigh*

I have a cold. It was endurable, with a significant number of tissues and about one cough an hour. Now it gives me coughs that are raspy and hurt a lot. I worry about P.E. class on Monday.

My family was thinking of going to bicycle somewhere. At first it was scheduled for 10 AM, then 11, then 11:30, then after lunch. Ah.

Guesses for my time tomorrow: 22.22s? 23.45s? 30.00s? an hour?

I’m working on icons for my personal Firefox theme. I wish tissues were softer.

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