Spanish, Music, and Doing the Wrong Thing

Note: My 2008 self wrote this. It is preserved for historical interest and amusement, and is not representative of my current beliefs or attitudes.

Yesterday I got persuaded by my mom to seriously use the LearnToSpeak Spanish CD we bought. I say “Hasta luego” into the mic and it says I selected “Estoy bien”. Still, the vocabulary it selects are far better than the ones I selected haphazardly. ¿Qué quiere decir “…”? Well, I’m stopping the finding of new vocabulary in Spanish madly.

Today I lost my Kitchen Midden rubric by clipping it into the questionnaires. I wasn’t sure until I found it there. I flipped through the questionnaires and found it in ten seconds. Wooooo! WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Luck.

I’m writing a new song called… I’m not sure. It’s about random stuff. Since all of the songs on the radio are either completely repetitive or indecipherable, I decided to make my own. Hmm.

Posts, posts. Blogging club.

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