2009 Summary

Note: This post is backdated. I am writing this post in 2018 because, as part of the Big 2017 Remigration, I have decided to delete most of the posts because they were too embarrassing and sparse on information, but figured I might keep a rundown of the highlights.

2009, on this blog:

  • Ah, yes, the point at which I found the Eragon video game on my cousin’s PSP and was really psyched to be playing a game with “blood and merciless killing” and riding a dragon. (But I didn’t say the last part, so I’m not completely sure if I’m projecting onto my past self, or if Brian2009 was already trying to display discretion about said point of itnerest.) A few months later I revisited it and was disappointed to find that the game had been deleted..
  • Here is a small “puzzle” I proposed: fill in the question marks with words such that each word ends with some suffix of 2 to 4 letters that the next word starts with. “converter” → “?????” → “??????” → “awesome”.
  • I was really excited, like, 252 exclamation marks in a row excited, when I found out that Eoin Colfer was going to write the sixth and final Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book. (My impression of it from however later I read it was that I felt he was trying too hard to emulate Adams’s style and it came off as a bit forced.)
  • I listed a bunch of text adventures, starting with Zork and ending with Anchorhead, followed then by “Tower of Hanoi”. What?
  • I learned what AM-GM was, and typed the inequality out in ASCII art. In the same post, I learned about microblogging. I wondered whether it might suit me. One reason I thought I might not like it is that I liked playing with ASCII art in <pre> tags.
  • I compiled this list of goals. How times have changed since 7 and 9, and to some extent 4. Side note: in the very next post after that one, I was counting down until I was old enough to make a Facebook account and said that I needed to start thinking of a really good password. On the other hand, it’s kind of sad how I still haven’t succeeded in the first two. Update from 2019: Since writing this summary post, I actually have made a “reasonably cool interactive fiction game”, I’d say, by my own standards. It hasn’t been published anywhere, though.
  • “I love Fridays!!!!!!!!”
  • “Oranges!!!!!”
  • I once exited a metro station into a fitness center that I could not figure out to exit (and I could not reenter the metro station before paying again). As a result, I had very strong feelings towards whoever designed the building. I’m not sure if it’s valid to interpret this as faraway foreshadowing of my current user interface design leanings.
  • I ran 1500m a few times, and kept saying in various ways that it had a high chance of killing me, and hit a baseball at least once.
  • Wow, I was doing cryptic crosswords again. I quoted this clue: “I oscillate when changing places (10)”.
  • Some of my friends had blogs. Some of my friends asked me questions about HTML and CSS. This is probably a better indication of me becoming a front-end developer.
  • I liked Clockwords.
  • Here I gripe about (among other things)

    1. people telling me not to comment my code
    2. people who don’t realize or don’t use Gmail stars and labels
    3. links that say “click here” (which I knew to be bad for accessibility, e.g. screen readers, but now I know are also bad for people who just scan for links to click on). Wow.

    Wow, I have principles.

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