New Goal: 10 Keepers

Note: My 2009 self wrote this. It is preserved for historical interest and amusement only, and does not reflect my current beliefs or attitudes.

Now and then I find myself lapsing into a bunch of 42-related questions. The most recent occurrence was the day before yesterday, and I decided that the meaning of life is to find your meaning of life. Since that would tautologically entail that I had already completed my meaning of life, I decided to reject it, even though it has a pretty nice ring to it. Some goals:

  1. Write a reasonably cool interactive fiction game.
  2. Make a tower defense game.
  3. Post 1000 posts.
  4. Play in an authentic Mafia game.
  5. Buy a board game with cool pieces.
  6. Make figures with thick, plastic pentominoes.
  7. Score a 15 on the AIME.
  8. Get a visual prosthesis implanted just for the heck of it.
  9. Get a freakin’ Facebook.
  10. Publish something with 200+ pages.

I have to finish the last draft of my secretary-problem article by 8/31. Evidently a math career is a couple million times more difficult and exerting than I thought it would be. Grunt.

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