Note: My 2009 self wrote this. It is preserved for historical interest and amusement only, and does not reflect my current beliefs or attitudes.

I’m reconsidering. It’s not that boring. LOLZ. There it goes again.

Particulars… well, I got to play my cousin’s PSP. It was an instant like the instant when I saw the Krusty Kreme shop during our visit to Indonesia (shoot, my mouth is watering again), I found a very interesting game logo. A shining blue lowercase E. Most people would think of the Internet Explorer logo. But obviously, Microsoft is probably not affiliated with Nintendo or whatever company made PSPs; even then you can’t play Internet Explorer.


It ended up being really fun with lots of blood and merciless killing. “The O icon means that you can grab the object in your talons. Fly up to a lamb and pick it up!” “Brom asks if you can sense the magical power-up. If you can get it I can use it to defend myself.” “Saphira! Help us!” There was this ridiculous level where the goal was to protect Eragon and Brom from being shot at by the Urgals. Unfortunately the boats refused to die, and Eragon couldn’t even dodge. It was ridiculous. You even couldn’t destroy the village. GRR…

The plural of ellipsis is ellipses.

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