(daily posting streak)

Facetious paintbrush dragon filler is best filler!


I actually drew a paintbrush picture like this one the day before that surgery last Friday so I would have something to post if I was too groggy to write anything, but I wasn’t. Instead I am just finding the surgical wound in my shoulder really demotivating two days later and didn’t feel like blogging. So instead I considered posting the picture, then decided it was too ugly to post without the excuse of grogginess and redid the picture in GIMP. In other words, I lied and it’s neither facetious nor paintbrush. It is a dragon though.

He is a dragon though. They can get really irritated if you don’t acknowledge their human-level sentience with the proper pronouns. And you don’t want to irritate a dragon.

Public commitment (WE NEED TO GO DEEPER /snark): I’ll be productive tomorrow and

  1. start booking my GCJ flights
  2. start doing linear algebra homework, even if only one problem
  3. program
  4. work on one of my intense text posts and post it
  5. send out my FPOP response form. Oops how could I forget

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