Your Typical Friday

Note: My 2006 self wrote this. It is preserved for historical interest (as the first post ever made on this blog) and amusement, and is not representative of my current beliefs or attitudes.

Today was an… ordinary special day. Well, an ordinary day from all aspects, but a special day if you count the way everybody got hyperactive after lunch.

Well, duh!

Just your typical Friday. Typical Fridays, we get computer class. And I can repeat it again.

Well, duh!

Then, at the computer lab, the computer teacher repeated again the boring old routine. “Click on Start, then Programs, then Microsoft Word. Type ‘Hi I am Gretchen’. Click File, then Save. Now see, there is a ‘Save in’ thing on the top. Click the little triangle. Go down… Nono, nono, nono, nono, nono, nonono, YESYESYES!”

You can imagine that. On and on and on… really, if I were you, I’d skip all this. Yes. Well so why are you reading? Really, it’s not like Lemony Snicket’s sarcastic letter on the back of each book in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It’s real.

Ok, it doesn’t matter anymore. Well what else? Before that… let me think… Nothing much.

Oh, how I love weekends! (I think I said the exact opposite a week ago, perhaps I’ll change soon again…)

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