2006 Summary

Note: This post is backdated. I am writing this post in 2018 because, as part of the Big 2017 Remigration, I have decided to delete most of the posts because they were too embarrassing and sparse on information, but figured I might keep a rundown of the highlights.

2006, on this blog:

  • I am very excited about my academic performance, and often bizarrely academically competitive. “If I haven’t already told you, I’m a math… genius?” I constantly list my scores and often even those of others, especially when those scores are close to or greater than mine. In one post, I express my feelings about getting 10 out of 10 on a quiz with the fabled ^U^ emoticon. Or, consider the following, me taking a math test.

    Woohoo! There we go, I sit down and wait for my teacher to finish her phone call, then she hands me her test. Twenty minutes later, I take a look over things and slap it down on the teacher’s desk… no I didn’t. I just put it there. She looks at me and says, “You’re kidding!” (Well, I am not.)

    I got a 99.

    Not that bad, but well… but the point is, it’s not bad. E.g., good. Which I was denying a second ago. Well, er… whatever… ok. Then we go on inequalities and contrapositives and stuff like that. Ok.

    If you think this is bad, it gets worse. For my own sanity I will not mention any of the passages where it gets worse.

  • There are a couple places where I point out my dietary preferences. In one post, I discussed how I loved sushi but hated sushi with cheese in it. I had two, but traded them away and managed to get five or six other sushi back. Not sure how I managed that. In another post, I described Hawaiian pizza as “really delectable”, so evidently I liked pineapple on pizza. (Still do.)
  • In one post, I reference one of the infinitely many series I wanted to write, called “The Adventures of Super Piggy”. I think I even got a paragraph or two of material into it, although they’re probably lost to time. According to my past self, it features a piggy who can “do all kinds of crazy things, beat up two aliens, and speak Farsi”. I have no clue where I got Farsi from. I had to look it up just now. (I am not sure if this piggy is the titular Super Piggy; it might have been one of Super Piggy’s parents or something.) I think I had recently read The Book Thief and took inspiration from the way it presented neatly these Facts about the world, e.g. “You are going to die.” Although The Book Thief’s facts was, as I recall, quite morbid (it’s narrated by Death, after all), my facts were all inane and hyperbolic, and I think I crammed dozens of them into the first couple paragraphs. I also just generally had particular thoughts about how it should look, and styled everything with HTML/CSS, including thick red dotted borders. My inner typographer and graphic designer was showing. Poorly.

    Actually, on closer reading, I can’t tell if “The Adventures of Super Piggy” was a book or a comic or some combination. It’s lost to history anyway.
  • There is an extraordinary range of horribly tasteless methods of formatting text to emphasize it. In one case, I used <h1 style="font-size:1000%;"> to emphasize the phrase “FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN”; in another, I used <span style="font-size:200px;color:white;"> to emphasize the number 5 in the phrase “We get 5daysinarow off” (spacing in original). The most infamous-to-myself post where I do this is the post where I emphasize the number 2 with <h1> tags. This 2 formed part of the assertion that a multiple-choice question about which of several animals were invertebrates had 2 correct answers. It didn’t, but I was very confident in asserting that snakes are invertebrates. Or maybe “confident” isn’t the right word; maybe I just had a very low threshold for what sort of opinion qualified to be expressed with <h1> tags. Fortunately for my integrity, in the next post two days later I said “in the end snakes seem to really be vertebrates. Too bad.”
  • On the other hand, there is a shadow of understanding of semantic CSS by giving a <div> the class “superem”. Also, many posts had semantically reasonable <h3> headers, although they were mostly used formulaically to announce what class (like, the class subject I was taking in elementary school) I was talking about. Unfortunately, I used <big> and <i> for emphasis right before it, and also wrote the following: <span style="font-family:Wingdings 2;">P</span>. So I am pretty sure I still scored negative Semantic Web points.
  • I told the following joke: “People with what kind of sickness never see the doctor? (… Not doctorphobia…) Answer at the bottom of the post.” There was not an answer at the bottom of the post. I think there’s a reasonably clear punchline answer, but I’m not sure if it was what I had in mind.
  • Did you know that the term for “the place where a river starts” is “source of river”??

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