Puzzle 32 / Slitherlink [Crosslink + Liar]

Yes, a “big” crazy mutant puzzle for a “milestone” (as seen on xkcd), both for this blog and for my life. Things are rough now, but I prepared this ridiculously ahead of time. It’s still not really big, but I’m not so experienced and I don’t have the inspiration for something like an entire mini-puzzlehunt. Also, I think I should attempt more word-bank-based puzzles some day so I won’t fail as completely at them.

But anyway: This is a Slitherlink combining MellowMelon’s Crosslink and Liar variations. Draw a loop through vertices that can intersect itself but must go straight both times if it does; each number normally indicates how many of the four edges around it are draw, but exactly one clue in each row and column is false. Have fun.

EDIT: For Paint-users, after clicking to get the original image, try flood-filling imaginary edges :)

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