Gridderface 0.5

Okay, I give up. Here it is: Gridderface is a (quoting the project description, which I wrote anyway so whatever) “keyboard inferface for marking grid-based puzzles in Java” that I’ve been working on for too long. It is open-source under the GPL v3.

Basically, it’s a thing you can paste logic puzzle images into to solve them in, like people do in Paint, when you can’t or don’t want to print them. As the description explained, it’s meant to be used in a very keyboard-intense way, because I’m that kind of guy. Also, I get a lot of time the computer without either a printer or a mouse, and drawing things (particularly e.g. numbers in Fillominos) on trackpads sucks. Still, the mouse is perhaps usable.

I should be very clear that I have no idea how this writing-and-releasing-software thing works. At a somewhat arbitrary version of 0.5, Gridderface is (currently) far from stable and very crudely designed; I reserve the right to drastically redesign or change the interface. I guess I wanted to get the program to a more polished state before telling anybody it existed, but I decided that given my procrastination tendencies, that would be a moving goalpost I’d never reach.

I am working on a long, rambling post that contains some thoughts on programming and this project, but I want to keep this post snappy, and get it out before I start procrastinating again.

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