Eternity Bus Ride

Note: My 2008 self wrote this. It is selectively preserved for historical interest and amusement from a lot of similar, chronologically nearby posts. It is not representative of my current beliefs or attitudes.

Yesterday I got to sit and vegetate on a bus for a total of four hours. My MP4 was already getting boring. In fact the time spent at the math lesson was less than that. Luckily the bus home had a TV that kind of worked, and showed a replay of the show that self-translates as “One Million Star”. I only watched a bit. The rest was highly tumultuous slumber. Dinner was spaghetti, which helped.

In one hour I have to play a superfast piano piece in front of billions of people. Hyperboles… For some reason I’m not nervous. That means I’ll have a breakdown in front of billions of people. And a duet of “The Bare Necessities”. My hands are finally thawing…


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