A (****) of a Lot of (****)

Note: My 2008 self wrote this. It is preserved for historical interest and amusement.

Arvorie has just spammed my email account with three emails, two of them talking about palindromes.

“What? The fat in your head?”

My latest hard cryptogram, used with a substitution cipher:

char* code=“upkqoivrbpkfcclbdgfvbukfug/ nububumvumpercfug/ lpelpunqshubgperbperkrvrkr/ nububumlbperkfug”; /* spoiler begin 644 .dat lyrics… */

Figuring out what “…e R k R v R k R” can possibly need is the hardest…

I knew this blog would end up inactive. So far Facebook has rejected me. Blah, blah, blah. Anyways, I crocheted a necklace that gets jumbled up unless you pull it every hour or so, and I colored my Unidentified Flying Object, which was supposed to look like a dragon but failed. I think I draw better side views than front views. It all looks so noble and nice in my head, but until brain scan is invented I’ll need to train my drawing. Life… not so bad, eh?

Wikipediaing random things is quite fun. Random articling on wikiHow (note case sensitivity) is more fun, partly because of the high probability of finding things that one can connect to. Random article on Wikipedia:
“Sir Titus Salt, 1st Baronet (20 September 1803 – 29 December 1876), born in Morley, near Leeds, was a manufacturer, politician and philanthropist in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. His father Daniel Salt was a fairly successful businessman and was able to send Titus to Batley Grammar School.”
Random article on wikiHow:
“How to Make the Second Hand on a Clock Appear to Stop: 1. Find an analog clock that moves smoothly, as opposed to moving with jerky motions from one second to the next. 2. Watch the second-hand for a bit. After you are comfortable with how it moves, direct your focus outside of the clock, about 15-20 seconds ahead, where you can still see the second hand. After a while, if this is your first time, the second hand will amazingly slow down. Continue and it will stop! Maybe only for a second or two, but it works. Each time you do it you should be able to hold it for longer. Congratulations! You can stop time.”

Current problem: There is a potentially scarring circle of red stuff on my left leg. Also my fingernails kind of hurt from my strange habit of poking stuff under them. Finally, I just learned a little crud about weasel words. Bye.

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