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MUMS Puzzle Hunt 2013

Informatix [MUMS Puzzle Hunt 2013]

So, I somehow managed to get 25 points all by myself in MUMS Puzzle Hunt 2013. Well, I pestered chaotic_iak a little with 3.3 Diagnosus (.html with animated .gif) but we still didn’t recognize all the Pokémon until hint 3, at which point Google sufficed for me.

This is nowhere near the top, but compared to the usual results of whatever AoPS team I form, it’s amazing. By far the best result of AoPS was on CiSRA in 2010 (46th with 58 points), before I discovered puzzle hunts in AoPS; unfortunately due to people getting older and the influx of younger and younger people to the fora, there are less possible teammates each year and they have less time, so here I am by myself. (Also I could have accepted an invitation from a guy in the some-form-of-Elephant team, but I figure if you can win two MUMS hunts in a row you don’t need any more people.)

All in all: Yay!

Puzzle 41 / Slitherlink [Clones]

I survived midterms.

This is a Slitherlink mutant. Draw a loop through adjacent vertices that cannot intersect itself. Each number indicates how many of the four edges around it are drawn. In addition, each pair of colored squares in corresponding positions (e.g. R1C1 and R6C6, R2C8 and R7C3) must have an equal number of edges drawn around them (i.e. if there were numbers placed there, they would be equal).

Puzzle 40 / Fillomino [Samurai]

Yeah, and there’s this. chaotic_iak rejected this variant for his February sequence in order to get consistent 7x7 dimensions, so I made one. It’s been about a month. I have no idea why I procrastinated posting it until now.

This is a Samurai Fillomino, which means each grid satisfies the constraints on its own. Write a number in every empty cell so that, in each square grid, every group of cells with the same number that is connected through its edges has that number of cells. Note that the two grids must contain the same numbers where they overlap, but the grouping should be considered independently. I’d explain this really carefully if it weren’t the main gimmick of this puzzle.

Puzzle 39 / Contact + Slitherlink [Antisymmetric]

Yay crazy hybrids! I guess this one is kind of hard.

Draw a loop through adjacent vertices that cannot intersect itself. For each pair of symmetrically placed numbers, one is a Slitherlink clue which indicates how many of the four edges around it are drawn, and one is a Contact clue which indicates the total length of all straight segments adjacent to it where segment length is always measured up to the nearest turns in the loop.

Please click on the image if it looks weird, which it very likely will.

(This was a WordPress bug that should no longer be relevant.)

Puzzle 37 / Slitherlink + Masyu

Nikoli Slitherlink + Masyu hybrid; I don’t know who first put them together but combinations like this aren’t rare.

Draw a loop through vertices that cannot intersect itself; each number indicates how many of the four edges around it are drawn; the loop must pass through all large dots, and it must go straight through white dots while turning either before or after (or both), while it must turn on black dots without turning either before or after.

Puzzle 36 / Fillomino [LITS]

mathgrant’s hybrid type: a Fillomino (write a number in every empty cell so that every group of cells with the same number that is connected through its edges has that number of cells) where each tetromino has had their 4s replaced by one of L, I, T, or S describing their shape, and they obey the rules of LITS — they can touch if they are not congruent, they must all be connected, and their squares cannot form a 2x2 block.

Hunter on Vacation

Very faint rainbow
Faint rainbow

So winter vacation started and parents had planned a trip to southern Taiwan, to get closer to nature and walk around and stuff.

Also, the MIT Mystery Hunt, the absolute granddaddy of all the other puzzlehunts in terms of age, structure, and size, happened this weekend. Originally, I didn’t have a team and just planned to look at the puzzles after they got archived and try solving some puzzles read the solutions while constantly thinking, “How could anybody ever solve that?” Because of that, I wasn’t planning to even bring my laptop at first; then I could force myself to study some long-overdue ring theory during the nights. I was taken aback by a private message on Saturday morning from somebody with many different names inviting me to remote-solve for Random Thymes.

Me: !!!!!!!!!!

Puzzle 35 / Double Back

This is another MellowMelon’s Double Back. Briefly, draw a closed loop through all square centers visiting each bold-outlined area twice. Shaded cells do not influence solving, only aesthetics.

It’s mostly easy, I think. It’s okay if you don’t know what the theme means. (Yes, chao, I want more contrib points.) Also, WordPress seems to have stopped automatically linking images to their files. Hmm.

Puzzle 34 / Snail's Nest

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This is something I constructed semi-experimentally to stop failing at an entire genre of puzzles, and then procrastinated posting just about forever. I only test-solved this on paper; I hope I didn’t do anything silly while digitizing.

Rules paraphrased from USPC because I can’t find any good links: Write each of the given words into its own snail; letters must be entered from the outside of the snail spirally inward. Not all squares will be used; squares with “-” must stay blank. Each letter can appear at most once in each row and column.