Be aware of homebrew options.

  • git (clone my stuff)
  • fish_shell
  • languages: haskell (stash), scala
  • node/npm via package manager
  • python things: beautifulsoup4, fn, ipython, numpy, pwntools, requests, scipy, virtualenv
  • docs: kramdown, pandoc
  • command-line: mu, fasd, ack / the_silver_searcher, openssl, tmux, ffmpeg, heroku, binutils, coreutils, tiny-fugue
  • command-line more for fun: cowsay, figlet, cloc, sloccount
  • idk: ant, go, ruby, rust


  • Use bottom-right of track pad for right-click; disable natural scrolling
  • Set Caps Lock to Control
  • In Mission Control > Hot Corners, set the lower-right corner to Mission Control

mkdir ~/bin ~/tmp

  • Quicksilver
  • iTerm2 (I like the pastel colors)
  • ShiftIt
  • GrandPerspective
  • Colloquy
  • GeekTool
  • coconutBattery
  • Karabiner (previously KeyRemap4Macbook) + set Left Control to Delete when pressed alone
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Packet Peeper
  • Awareness has mysteriously vanished. dejal’s Time Out?
  • The Unarchiver


This is not maintained because I haven’t used one in forever…

  • AutoHotKey
  • Rainmeter
  • CCleaner (this also exists on Mac but seems less useful)


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