Darn, I only lasted four days. That’s pretty bad.

And I broke like 90% of my HabitRPG streaks too. I was busy running Monte-Carlo calculations to estimate the number of domino logic puzzles, and forgot about midnight. Okay, before that I spent twice as much time on Flight Rising for whatever reason. Bad life decisions.

I guess that means today I have to post one now, before going to sleep, and one later. Eh, time to harvest really weird mini-posts from nowhere.

Today I Wonder, 5/24: I am 99.9% confident Detective Conan Rule 34 exists. If it involves the titular character, does it fall under child pornography laws? Should it? To make things more interesting, suppose his partner(s) know(s) his real identity so common canon knowledge is enough to imply his partner and readers know he can give informed consent.

This is a simple question that I’d normally just paste into a search engine, except that I’m concerned about what else might accidentally come up and ruin my childhood.

Then again, maybe it’s too late already.

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