Puzzle 6 / Fillomino

Not actually my first try, but I guess I don’t need to resort to 6x6s to fill up my quota just yet, do I?

Okay for the absolutely uninformed, this is a Fillomino (or see MellowMelon’s rule page).

I’ve switched to 32x32 pixel cells because they seem a reasonable size and it’s possible to express all pixel sizes as an exact floating-point fraction of the cell side so my image generator can be used in a general way to get perfect stroke thicknesses without worrying about any rounding errors no matter how obviously numerically insignificant they would be in this case.

Also, I figured out how to get the text to look really vertically centered from this StackOverflow thread except I was using floating-point coordinates so the one-pixel fencepost adjustments weren’t necessary and and a stretched Graphics2D object was used instead of having to search the space of font sizes for a reasonable size.

Why did I just write all that? Why am I using long sentences all of a sudden?

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