Puzzle 40 / Fillomino [Samurai]

Yeah, and there’s this. chaotic_iak rejected this variant for his February sequence in order to get consistent 7x7 dimensions, so I made one. It’s been about a month. I have no idea why I procrastinated posting it until now.

This is a Samurai Fillomino, which means each grid satisfies the constraints on its own. Write a number in every empty cell so that, in each square grid, every group of cells with the same number that is connected through its edges has that number of cells. Note that the two grids must contain the same numbers where they overlap, but the grouping should be considered independently. I’d explain this really carefully if it weren’t the main gimmick of this puzzle.


Wow: if you type 7x7 without code tags, WordPress autoreplaces the x with a multiplication sign. That’s cool. How do people think of things like this?

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