Example "BetaWorldProblems"

because my title needs to mean something. (note from the future: before late 2017, when I migrated to Hugo and GitHub Pages, the blog was called “BetaWorldProblems”.)

  • Too many green coins!
  • <i> or <em> tags!? How to decide?
  • Why is the menstrual cycle so complicated!?
  • QQ https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/issues/17992
  • No, 94Seconds, I refuse to recognize that raisins are a kind of fruit.
  • The award for the most error-prone arithmetical calculations I’ve done in years goes to stoichiometry.
  • What do you mean, normal!? There’s nothing normal about an extension field where every irreducible is a product of distinct linear factors.

Are you weird like me and want to do chemistry homework with Python as your calculator?

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