Nerdy Writing

Note: My 2011 self wrote this. It is selectively preserved for historical interest and amusement. It’s just meta enough to be funny, I think.

I can look at the posts I made in fourth grade, and understand how I might get exaggeratedly happy about these tiny things, and write this ramble that goes up and down and all over the place.

Anyway apparently I wrote “to indulge in a colloquialism” less than a year ago in a school essay and now it sounds plain freaky to me. The bad stereotypical vulnerable type of nerdy. The “colloquialism” was “hyper”.

I mean this is from a guy who managed to fit “syzygy” into a fifth-grade project and somehow still thinks it was more natural than that.

Sixth-grade. “My gateway to a fragment of heaven”. F7U12.

When I come back to this post in a few years I’ll probably find it extremely hypocritical. Oh well.

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