2011 Summary

Note: This post is backdated. I am writing this post in 2019 because, as part of the Big 2017 Remigration, I have decided to delete most of the posts because they were too embarrassing and sparse on information, but figured I might keep a rundown of the highlights.

2011, on this blog:

  • A lot of angst about being sick, which, as these things go, is a far more reasonable thing to be angsty about than usual. What’s a bit less reasonable (and more typical) is all the remaining angst: angst about food, angst about perfectionism, angst about phone calls, angst about losing things, angst about the Internet, and just generally a lot of mood swings, except since I felt more like blogging when sad, most of the posts were from the sad parts of these swings. (Still pretty reasonable. Chemotherapy was expected to do that to me.) Once (October 1st) I posted three times in a day, and said (with no punctuation) “this is clearly irrational”.

    One of the brighter spots:

    The doc also recommends that I should keep at home for at least a month after school starts, just to see if my body can take the “Continuation” phase (yes, they really do have dozen-letter words for everything just like on TV!)

    One of the subtler bullets:

    There’s a new Hyperbole and a Half post after a hiatus that was pretty awfully long that perfectly describes everything I’ve been feeling.

    I did not link to the post, but temporally it’s pretty clear that it’s “Adventures in Depression”.

  • I had a quiet birthday with pizza and brownie cake.

  • I wrote about doing two contests, the preliminary round of NPSC (a national programming contest) and some round of Tournament of Towns (a math contest). In the latter writeup I mentioned two AoPSers. Speaking of AoPSers, I mentioned forum games on AoPS a few times. Indeed, although not explicitly mentioned on this blog, late 2011 was when I ran Achievement Greed Control.

  • Puzzles: I published my first logic puzzle, a (rather ugly) Slitherlink. I also referenced SUMS Puzzle Hunt 2011. I did it with AoPS (Internet Archive link, since the teams on the main site have been wiped). Somewhat relatedly, I achieved rankk 8.0.

  • I asserted, “Recognizing fonts by sight is a sort of hobby of mine” (I’ve picked this hobby back up, literally seven years later), observed that I was seeing Myriad Pro a lot, and pasted two images to remind myself. The reason Brian2011 was seeing it everywhere was probably that it was the default font in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Some uncategorized quotes:

    Every teenager has the same illusion that nobody in the world knows what’s it’s like to be them. That’s exactly how I feel now.

    Conclusion: I suck at being a human?

    Okay here’s the “I hope I can do this soon” list:


    • Write a letter to somebody (I refuse to explain more)

    Nobody’s keeping track of how many times you screw up.

    Unless you’re a celebrity. Then you’re too far gone to be saved. Sorry.

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