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A new year. A new start. And just a chance to abuse the phrase “See you next year!” It’s hard to get tired of using it once every 365.24 days.

So, I have decided to open up my other blog to people.

There are a few reasons for not doing so previously. Firstly, there’s a lot of silly writing with unexplained LOLs and exclamations all over the place in the archives, not to mention the countless other sorts of weirdness linked to the handle I’m using here that’s spread over the rest of the interwebz. But I like to keep old stuff as some kind of record that my past self existed, and I’ve given up being embarrassed about them. And anyway, now and then I’m still performing embarrassing acts that outstrips any of this stuff by miles.

When I was thirteen*, the world was a different place to me. I imagined thousands of creepy people staring at computer screens out there, waiting to kidnap children and sell them to clients halfway across the globe the instant they figured out their addresses and statuses as minors. I don’t blame that old me; there has been at least one computer class devoted to videos of this type.